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Weapon of Choice

Behind every great technician is an equally amazing set of tools. I’ve always been intrigued by all of the fancy gadgets that an IT Professional decides to equip themselves with so I figured I’d share some of my own.

It’s not everyday I fall in love with a tool…(that totally sounded better in my head), but when Leatherman announced their Skeletool CX, I did exactly that. It was incredibly lightweight, stylish, and fully capable to take on the needs of most basic computer hardware repairs. The Skeletool CX features a carbon fiber frame which allows it to be much lighter than many of its Leatherman colleagues; a one-handed releasable knife with serrated edges; a Philips and Flathead interchangeable bit head; a set of pliers inclusive of wire-cutters; and finally (my personal favorite) a carabiner /bottle opener so you can conveniently keep it looped around your belt loops for easy access. I’ve had mine for a few years now and it has been very solid. Totally recommend it!

This next item is a bit cliche and shouldn’t really be a surprise, but it’s definitely a critical aid of mine. My iPhone. I currently am equipped with an iPhone 5, but I’ve had every iPhone release since day one. There are a ton of reasons that make my iPhone a great device, but the biggest one for me are the incredible apps. I’ve got apps that allow my device to handle personal finance, notes, entertainment, and best of all my appointments (and oh yea, it’s a phone). It’s such an incredible aid in keeping me organized, I’d be so lost without it. In an effort to try and make it a true all in one device, I’ve even replaced my wallet with Hex’s Axis Wallet / iPhone case. Keeps my credit cards and my phone all in one place.

The final “tool” I’ll share isn’t really a conventional one. The greatest tool I’ve come to possess is “humility”. Anyone can be trained to fix things, but I don’t think anyone can teach personality. IT Support is a field where people openly admit they need your help. Part of delivering world class customer service is making your client feel confident in coming to you for assistance. The best technicians are the ones that everyone loves going to. Nobody likes an egotistical technician who totally ridicules you for not knowing what you know.

Some rhetorical questions for reflection:
What tools come in handy for you?
What do you think of the “non conventional tool”?

Links to items mentioned in my blog:

Leatherman Skeletool CX
Apple’s iPhone 5
Hex’s Axis Wallet/iPhone Case

That’s all I’ve got for now.