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Nearly everyone I know is on it, including myself. We live in a time where information runs rampant and updates are constantly flowing. Many times your colleagues know what you’ve done even before they’ve had a chance to even speak with you in person about it. Why? It’s on Facebook. Conversations are on Facebook. Everything you do or think is public knowledge. Is that a good thing? o_O

I can’t even fathom the amount of countless hours I’ve spent just mindlessly reading Facebook posts from people who have added me as a “friend” even despite the fact that I seldom speak with them in person. It’s just so addictive. I stand back sometimes and wonder, why do I care about what you ate today? Why do I care about what you bought? Yet I still look!

I feel that the same questions should be posed to me. Why do I post mindless pieces of information? Why am I adding to this?! Who cares that I got ranked in Starcraft II! (I do actually, but that’s besides the point). I honestly think I can devote more of my time to doing something far more productive. I haven’t quite figured out exactly what that would be yet. With that being said, I’ve deactivated my Facebook.

My hope is that this will spark some sort of change within my “internal wiring”. I don’t know what it is yet, but I’m sure spending a good chunk of my time on Facebook has slowly changed something in me.

Let the timer begin! (Technically I deactivated my account late last night, but forgot to set a timer) oh well, what’s a few hours, right?