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Peek – a – Boo

Let’s first start with a collection of responsibilities I’ve not only identified, but advertise on my LinkedIn Profile

(Excerpt from my LinkedIn Profile)

Client Technology Specialist


Los Gatos, CAThe Netflix Client Technology Specialist combines the responsibilities of the Help Desk Support Technician and the Desktop Support Analyst.

The Client Technology Services team is responsible for over two thousand systems globally which include all client technology platforms and services throughout the company. In addition, the team is constantly challenged with corporate offices located in Los Gatos and Beverly Hills, Call Centers in Oregon, California, and some remote offices. The team is also highly encouraged to be innovative and constantly review and refresh the technology in Netflix’s unique “fast paced environment.”

As a Client Technology Specialist at Netflix, you serve as the first point of contact for every IT issue that employees encounter. These requests will come in via tickets, email, walk-ups, phone calls and automated alerts. This position will involve tasks like password resets, access requests, printer issues, projects, documentation, deep troubleshooting, and problem resolution. Daily duties consist of researching, prioritizing, resolving, routing and scheduling all incoming internal IT Support requests. The Client Technology Specialist must also set expectations with the ticket requester, provide exceptional customer service and make sure all ticket information is entered correctly.

Distinct responsibilities that differ from the Netflix Help Desk Support Technician role are inclusive of, but not limited to the following:

-Participating in an On-Call rotation to support urgent issues end users encounter after hours.
-Provide On-Site support at remote offices (as needed)
-Scheduled appointments to assist end users directly
-Deploy/Retrieve computer related equipment
-Assist with employee relocation requests


Help Desk Support Technician


Los Gatos, CA(July 2, 2012 – August 1, 2013)

The Help Desk Support team is responsible for routing and scheduling all internal incoming IT Support requests and phone calls. Triage IT issues and provide support for quick fixes, password resets, access requests, printer issues, etc. Determine the nature of the requests, understand prioritization, and then route requests to the proper IT support organization. Set expectations based on SLA’s with the ticket requester, provide exceptional customer service and make sure all ticket information is entered correctly.

Technical Duties:

Troubleshoot issues for PC, Mac, Ubuntu, Smart Phones. Inclusive of, but not limited to:

-Domain Binding
-Active Directory Lockout Research
-Virus Protection/Removal
-Software installation
-Operating System Installation/Repair
-Virtual Machine Installation/Configuration/Conversions
-Hardware upgrades / part replacement
-Data Backup / Migration (PC, Mac, Smart Phones)
-Email Client Issues: OST/PST Profile rebuilds, (Exchange, Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird)
-Deploy New Hire Equipment
-Mobile device activation
-Remote Desktop Support (via RDC/Landesk/JAMF/join.me/TeamViewer)
-Assist with Submitting RMA requests for Apple & Lenovo products
-Assist with Inventory scanning for tech stock rooms

Network Support:

-Configure Aruba Remote Access Points
-Configure Soekris Routers
-Cable tracing/port identification using StatSeeker
-VPN Troubleshooting


-Active Directory / LDAP
-Google Apps + FlashPanel
-Confluence + Documentation
-Sharepoint + Documentation
-Oracle Apps

I’m actually quite amazed that I now understand all of that. It was only a year ago, I was a Geek Squad Agent who thought he had a firm grasp on the IT world. Looking back on this collection totally blows my mind, but forgive me, I’m rambling.

Back on topic. Along with all of the above listed responsibilities, each Client Technology Specialist typically will take on additional projects that are usually aimed at improving the team or our end users’ experiences as a whole. I’ve decided to dedicate this post to outline some of the things I’ve either already completed, or am currently working on.


This one’s a pretty big one. In order to better facilitate training, I’ve come to realize that there are a lot of new procedures that I’ve learned that the rest of the team hasn’t yet as they haven’t had the chance to perform said duties. I’ve made it quite a focus of mine to ensure that I’m not “hogging the wealth” so to speak and have been creating helpful documentation that breaks down procedures as I understand them. If the resource is there, the task can be learned! Some of my documentation projects have included…

Malware Remediation Steps
Rogue DHCP Server Identification
Installing and Binding Ubuntu machines to a Domain
Performing expedited termination access cuts
Configuring Remote Access Points
Common troubleshooting steps
SOX Audit Procedures

List goes on…

Refreshing Tech Inventory (Vending Machines)

I admit, this wasn’t a project I was excited to take on, but I ended up with it anyways. I’ve been trying to balance stock levels so that multiple end user vending machines can remained stocked with beneficial tech items such as mice, keyboards, phone chargers, etc. It’s quite a daunting task as the goal is to make sure each Vending Machine is restocked weekly. Rather difficult as the tech items get depleted so quickly.

Remote Access Point Update

The current devices I normally deploy have gone EOL. I’ve been working closely with our Network Engineering team trying to device an upgraded replacement to our existing solution. Hope to have this completed soon so I can satisfy the existing/awaiting requests.

These are just a small sample of items I’m working on.  There’s so much more. The point I’m getting at is imagine all of the projects that the entire team is tackling as a whole. I’d assume it’d end up being a pretty profound list. Hopefully this provides a better insight of just some of the responsibilities my team tackles.

If these sort of things happen to spark an interest in you, then guess what?

We’re hiring