Monthly Archives: August 2013


It’s really only been just about a year since I’ve started in enterprise and already my position and title has evolved. No longer am I just a Help Desk Support Technician. The needs of our end users has changed and in order to run a more efficient enterprise, the team changed along with them. Gone are the days of having a separate help desk and desktop team. In this fast paced environment each member of “Desktop Support” really must be able to offer an end to end solution individually. That being said, we’ve been re-branded into a new team known as Client Technology Services.

Each Client Technology Specialist must be adept at performing the duties of a Help Desk Support Technician along with a Desktop Analyst. Believe me when I say that’s quite a bit to take on. With the Help Desk primarily strong at performing access requests and first line troubleshooting, I feel that the former members of our help desk will have a slightly easier time transitioning into their new roles. From my understanding of enterprise, the Desktop role traditionally served as the Help Desk’s escalation point when a sense of urgency was required. That point of view is totally flipped around now. Being that Desktop hasn’t had a hand in performing access requests in a while, with so many systems to learn and understand, it’s going to take some time for them to adjust.

I have total and complete faith that the desktop team will be able to successfully learn the ways of help desk. I mean, look at me. I came in knowing zero. These guys have at least touched on what Help Desk performed so they’re totally familiar. What I’m waiting for is to see the day when our entire team is fully adjusted. That would definitely be a sight to see.