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First Year (Part II)

…or so I thought.

Boy was I wrong. I should re-phrase that last post and edit it to say, “…during a Best Buy interview”, but then that wouldn’t be accurate to my mindset at the time. I thought I’d be able to use at least some of the techniques that I had learned during an interview with enterprise. Looking back, I feel like true passion was the key to grabbing my spot. Going through interviews in the past isn’t what warmed me up. If I could attribute one thing that made my interviewers give me the green light, I would like to think it’s because of passion. I remember fondly that when I got the Geek Squad gig, I was incredibly excited. I did my due diligence and researched multiple “entry-level” type computer repair positions and I just totally fell in love with the Geek Squad Brand. I wanted so badly to be a guy who could fix a computer and doing so in a Geek Squad Uniform…EVEN COOLER.

I knew my next move would have to be something that would be totally worth it. I suppose word got out and one of my former Geek Squad Agent colleagues (who had left to bigger and better things) found out I was finally looking to jump ship. I am forever grateful that he put in a “good word” for me as I know my resumé at the time was not going to get me an interview at such a big name like Netflix. If I was going to associate my name with another persona other than Geek Squad, it had to be something that I respected and Netflix definitely fit the bill.  I was (and still am) a Netflix Customer because I totally love Movies & TV. Netflix totally spoils me by putting out entire seasons for me to binge upon! What could be better than working for a company that you totally admire already? Who wouldn’t want to be part of something like that? I didn’t think I stood a chance, so I never applied. It wasn’t until my colleague spoke to me about Netflix’s culture that I started to believe in myself. I think him believing in me gave me the confidence I needed to actually go forward and pursue…

First Year (Part I)

Today officially marks my one year anniversary as a Help Desk Support Technician at Netflix, Inc. The experience has been nothing short of amazing! To this day, I still cannot believe I was able to land such an extraordinary position. I often ask myself how did I manage to make the (in my opinion) successful transition from Retail IT to Enterprise IT? Hopefully I can shed some light on that. I’ve had an entire year to reflect back on this question and well here’s my thoughts on the matter. Hopefully this may be of use to others who want to make that daunting jump.

For nearly seven years of my life, I had been known as “Agent Cabuco”. Clients and co-workers alike would come to me for technological solutions and I was more than happy to deliver. I really had no intentions of leaving the Squad. Why would I? Sure, I didn’t make a great amount of money, but I loved what I did, especially because I was pretty darn good at it. Where else would I find another place where I could do what I love and just so happen to get paid for it? Coming into the Geek Squad I was a high school graduate entering college with little to no experience in professional computer repair. Who else would hire me? I had no certs, no degrees, and zero experience in Enterprise IT. This presented another problem within itself. My job became very routine to the point where I could pretty much do my job with my “eyes closed and an arm tied behind my back”. It was getting far too easy and was starting to lose its excitement. Unfortunately, the career path (at least when I was at the Geek Squad) for an Agent was you become a Supervisor or Store Manager which meant that you’d be less hands on actually repairing and more into leading. Not exactly my cup of tea.

My passion had been threatened. That’s when I realized I needed a change of scenery. I needed to find a better path that would compliment my desire to simply “fix things”. I started looking around, spruced up my resume. I was actually being very picky and going against the saying “Beggars can’t be choosers”. In my mind, I had seven awesome years of hands on experience with consumer electronics. I didn’t feel like a beggar anymore! I started to get more and more ambitious. Being a former Geek Squad Senior, I had the unique opportunity to be on the other side of a Technical Job Interview. I already knew what it felt like to be in the hot seat. Having the chance to grill others from the other side was a tremendous benefit. Gaining that perspective helped me realize what interviewers wanted to hear and how an interviewee should say it…