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Three little letters that I never knew the meaning of until I made the transition to enterprise. Simply put, WFH = Work From Home. During my Geek Squad days I had always craved the ability to get more work done outside of work. I’m not sure what it is about me, but I love staying busy. I can keep working until my heart is content! It’s so amazing! I consider this to be one of the biggest perks of where I work now. I’m fully equipped with a work laptop, a mobile phone that keeps me organized about my day, and the ability to access internal resources all from practically anywhere!

Here’s a recent happening…(incoming side story).

I was driving down the freeway one day on my way to work. The road that I drive on every morning is currently under construction. They’re pretty much expanding the road and re-applying asphalt. That being said, driving down that road has caused my car to get a whole bunch of dings as loose asphalt jumps up and catches my car. I didn’t think much of it until I heard a big thud across the roof of my car. I swore it sounded like a rock the size of a baseball came and smacked my car’s sunroof. Low and behold, I open up my sun roof slider just to take a peak and my sunroof is completely shattered. It wasn’t until I parked at work that I got to take a better look at the mayhem…


Poor car. Anyways, what I’m getting at is, I was able to freely schedule time to get this repaired AND get work done. The repair shop I went to had wireless and that’s pretty much all I needed to get work done. So instead of losing out on maybe 4 hours of my work day…I only lost maybe 40 mins (the commute it took me to get to work from the repair shop). I must say, having the ability to WFH or in my case, work from anywhere that gives me internetz is pretty awesome!

I suppose for some this can be a drag as work will never leave you, but I’m not too concerned with that. I imagine one day I will be, but until that day comes….

“Do work son”.

Windows 8 + X1 Carbon + Multiple Displays

I have an end user who we deployed the infamous Lenovo X1 Carbon to with Windows 7 installed. The darn thing kept blue-screening so in order to stabilize the machine I had it upgraded to Windows 8. Sure enough, the blue screens seem to have stopped, however it has introduced a new problem. While the machine was running on Windows 7, it was able to connect to a USB Display Link adapter that would allow the connection of multiple monitors. Ever since the Windows 8 upgrade, this feature stopped working.

I intend on tackling this issue myself tomorrow in hopes of getting it working. Let it be known…

Tomorrow is… Cabuco v. X1 Carbon.

**Update May 1st, 2013**

Alright, wasn’t able to solve it within 45 mins. Looks like I’m going to have to build my own little lab and run some tests. This is going to be fun. I’m pretty sure I can and will get this to work. Be on the lookout for some documentation on how I get it working soon…

**Update May 2nd, 2013**

SUCCESS! Got the X1 Carbon on Windows 8 to work on multiple displays (in my lab at least). Now all I need to do is to get it working with the end user’s setup…

**Update May 7th, 2013**

Mission Complete! Turns out that driver posted on that website was for an older version of that DisplayLink adapter. Grabbed the older version and plugged it in. Worked like a charm. ^__^