2+2 = 4

Now, this may sound silly, but this should shed some light as to why I totally love doing what I do for a living. I am constantly on the hunt for this sensation that I have yet to define. All I know is that I first experienced it the day I discovered that 2 + 2 =4.

Allow me to elaborate by taking you back about 24 years ago…

I was in my family’s living room watching cartoons when I found myself looking at my hands. For some reason I kept staring at them trying to understand this concept I had just seen on the television about counting to ten. Using my fingers, I kept counting each finger, slowly understanding that I had ten fingers. I don’t know why, but I just sat there ever so curious about the different numbers I could count up to. It wasn’t until I held two fingers up on each of my hands (doing that oh so familiar “bunny ears” pose) that I realized I had discovered something.

I slowly counted each finger on each hand, “One, two. One, two…”

It was not until I put my two hands together that I came upon the profound understanding that two and two was four! At that exact moment, something totally sparked in my mind. My eyes widened with the same excitement I’d normally get when my father brought home a new action figure for me to play with. I started clenching my hands and anxiously looked around as to inspect my surroundings wondering if anyone else knew what I had just found out. I didn’t know how to react other then to start galloping around proclaiming, “TWO PLUS TWO IS FOUR!” I was shocked, amazed, inspired, and filled with incredible joy from this simple realization that I understood something totally new that I had never understood just moments ago.

Til this day, I savor every single moment I have the opportunity to relive that same sense of enlightenment as it’s a never ending cycle of catch and release. Being in IT gives me a chance to tackle these “puzzles” on a daily basis. I always say, the only thing constant about IT is that it’s constantly changing! Change breeds challenges. With every solution, the puzzles get increasingly more demanding, as does my curiosity. Rest assured, knowledge is a vast, never-ending sea and I’ve got a thirst to match it.

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